30-06-2022         6830        Head of the English Unit-EPIC

Description of the position
Responsible for the following academic domains:
– Content of the courses.
– Qualifications of the teachers.
– Students' instruction, progress, and examination.
– Development of up-to-date instructional materials.
– Write / update the curriculum and course requirements for each level/program.
– Teachers' professional development (workshops).
– Monitor the quality of teaching.

Responsible for the following managerial/administrative domain

– Hiring new teachers.
– Scheduling teachers in courses.
– Dealing with the schedule needs, and constraints of special programs.
– Advising the administrative and academic heads of the Mechina (of which the EPIC Unit is part) regarding various administrative issues.
– Dealing with various specific issues related to students' disabilities, e.g. blind, hard of hearing, who need special accommodations as well as adapting the course requirements to their needs/ disabilities.
– Be in direct contact with the administrators of the various Mechina programs regarding English studies -schedules, students, and teachers.
– Be in touch with the administrators of the special programs regarding any administrative and academic issues.
– Be in direct contact with the Mechina Administrative Head regarding any and all administrative issues that may arise in the aforementioned domains.

Requirements of the position.
* An MA in English Language-related fields: English Linguistics, ESL, English Literature. (Ph.D. advantage)
* Ability and experience teaching at the university level.
* Ability and experience writing academic material (teaching materials and examinations).
* Knowledge of the CEFR (Common European Framework) and the CHE (מל"ג) planned reform scheduled to start in 2025.
* Managerial abilities, qualifications
* Experience in managing diverse and multiple programs.
* Ability and experience in managing a large academic staff.
* Ability and experience in dealing with a large and diverse student body.
* Good communication skills (dealing with the various faculties and departments at the university, and students).
* Good and impartial interpersonal relationships and communication with colleagues, teachers, and management.
* Professional and personal integrity.
* Open to listening to and accepting diverse points of view.
* Collegiality and impartiality.
* Taking responsibility.
* Ability to make decisions.

As part of your application package, please submit the following:
* Your CV
* Letters of reference.
* A brief statement describing your vision of the development of the EPIC Unit.

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